How Rental Works?

How does the rental at Tyohar works?

Step 1 - Email us at with Product name, SKU or Description, Date of the event, Location, and Quantity details (if applicable).

Step 2 - After receiving an email, we will schedule a video/phone call or an in-person meeting (depending on client’s location) to go over design setup, venue details, delivery time, and any questions you may have.

Step 3 – Once we (Client and Tyohar) agree on an order, Tyohar team will send a service contract.

Step 4 – Upon receiving the contract, you (Client) pay 40% security deposit fee to lock down the contract. Remainder of 60% of the payment and a 30% of a retainer fee is due as mentioned in the contract.

*The retainer fee is a damage goods fee, and will be returned in full after the Rental items are sent back to us, and no damage is observed. We understand that a little wear and tear is normal, and you will not be penalized for that.  


Three ways you can pay:

1)    Cash

2)    Check

3)    Paypal




Can I make changes to event decor items or quantity? – Certainly, if you want to add/ remove items, we can accommodate to your needs. Email us at with your changes.


When will I receive my products? It will be outlined in your contract as the delivery mode and method changes depending your location and the items.


How will I return the products? You will find that in the contract as well. If the setup is included in the rental, we will collect the product at a time agreed between client and Tyohar. If you receive the product via USPS or other courier service, all product will come with a prepaid label for the return. Simply save the box you receive the products in, place the prepaid label over existing label, and drop it off to the USPS or courier service drop off location.


What if we forget to send the products the next day? As a policy, you will have a total of 4 days of rental. So if you receive a product on Friday, you have until Tuesday to return without a penalty. We also understand that days after the event are hectic, and we will not penalize you as long as you let us know. If not contacted, you may get charge a daily fee of 10% of your total which will be deducted from your retainer fee.   

I want to cancel the order? Please refer to our cancelation policy listed below.


Cancellation Policy

By Client

Client may cancel this Agreement at any time. If Client cancels up to 60days prior to the Event Date, it will be entitled to a full refund. If Client cancels between up to 7 days prior to the Event Date, it will be entitled to a fifty percent (50%) of refund or the reminder balance will be waived. If Client cancels less than 7 days prior to the Event Date, it will not be entitled to a refund. If the wedding is canceled under special circumstances (family emergency, natural disaster, venue closure, etc.), the contract will be reviewed on case-by-case basis.

By Company

Company may cancel this Agreement at any time. If Company cancels, it must provide suitable, replacement of agreed services, subject to Client’s approval, which shall be obtained in writing. In the alternative, Planner shall refund all money previously paid by Client, with the exception of any non-refundable deposits, which were agreed to by Client.

Limitation of Liability

In the event Client changes the date of the event for any reasons, Company will make every effort to accommodate, but the availability of agreed services is not guaranteed for any other date than the date stated above.

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