Gujarati Wedding Rituals, a complete guide

Jan 2nd 2021

Gujarati wedding ritualsGujarati weddings are full of colors, fun, and rituals where families get together and enjoy the union of Bride and Groom. Are you planning a Gujarati wedding or are wondering about what all a traditional Gujarati wedding entail? If the answer is YES, then this post is the place for you to start. In this post, you will find all events and rituals that ha …

Indian wedding accessories - Safa / Paghri

Posted by Parth Joshi on Mar 14th 2020

Have you been seeing photos of groomsmen and guests wearing those colorful headgears, and wondered how to get a unique look for your wedding? Look no further…So let’s look at what exactly are those before we get into how to get them? The headgear is called Paghri, also known as Safa, Paghadi, Pheta, depending on different regions of the Indian subcontinent.Why do we wear Safa/ …

Tyohar, why we built this site

Posted by Parth Joshi on Aug 20th 2019

Tyohar, means festival, a joyous occasion to celebrate with family and friends. So what word better than Tyohar could represent us as a company; serving as conduit to celebrate all types of occasions including wedding, sangeet, puja at home, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers and many more. OUR JOURNEY Started by a family, meant for family ( …
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