Gujarati Marriage Wedding Ritual Kit (Wedding + Mandap Muhurat + Haldi)

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A complete Gujarati Wedding Ritual Set (Wedding + Mandap Muhurat/ Grah Shanti + Haldi) - Total 22 items

Planning a wedding is a challenging task, and having to find hundreds of different things that are required for a Gujarati wedding could be daunting. We at Tyohar created this wedding ritual set to take that stress away from you. We have gathered all essential items and created this kit of handcrafted items that creates a pleasing aesthetic for visual memories of your wedding.

**All these are are had crafted items, some design/ style may vary**

The package includes: 

Mandap Muhurat/ Grah Shanti Day

(1) Manek Stambh
(2) Mindhol / Mindhal (2 pieces) (Worn by Bride and Groom till wedding is over)

For Pithi (Haldi) day,

(3) Pithi Bowl
(4) Pithi Saliya (Small Decorative Rods)

For Wedding Day,

(5)   Var Bedu
(6)   Puja Thali  (Decorative dish)
(7)   Decorative Coconut (For Groom to Carry)
(8)   Samput x 2 
(9)   Pokhna 
(10) Raman Divo 
(11) Lun
(12) Saptapadi Sopari (Areca Nuts covered in hand crafted designs)
(13) Supdu
(14) Varmala (Colorful silk string  Groom to wear)
(15) Khes (Chheda Chhedi Khes)
(16) Mother Khes (A colorful cloth worn by bride mother during hast-melap ceremony)
(17) White and Green Color Cloth for Bride Pagla
(18) Antarpat 
(19) Lagna Patrika (Decorative wedding invitation adorned in cloth)
(20) Hast Melap Cloth (Rumal)
(21) Modh (Headgear for Bride and Groom Mother) 

Additional items that you can order in addition to the kit by clicking the link provided:

Mahi Matla/ Mahi Matlu (
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2 Reviews
  • Quality and Service

    Posted by Ila Patel on Jan 18th 2021

    Very please satisfied with your service and quality of items. Thank you!

  • Complete kit

    Posted by Shivani on Jan 9th 2021

    This was perfect. We had a last minute wedding, and this kit and site had everything we needed for the wedding. Parth was so helpful and explained everything to us.

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Gujarati Marriage Wedding Ritual Kit (Wedding + Mandap Muhurat + Haldi)

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