Yagnopavit / Janoi Package (Complete)

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A complete Samagri kit for Yagnopavit / Janoi package.

** All consumable & perishable ingredients are sourced locally from USA ** Our Puja packages are made to the order guaranteeing quality and freshness.**  


Please note: Photo is for visual idea only. Our package contains comprehensive Yagnopavit/ Janoi items. Usually, these items vary by Pandit, Temple; however after consulting various temples we have created this package. You can customize the package if you need to add/ remove some items. Just email us at .

List price includes, 

  1. Dhoti
  2. Havan Wood / Samidh
  3. Puja Coconuts 
  4. Copper Kalash
  5. Akhand Dia / Oil Lamp
  6. Color Clothes (2) (choices – White, Yellow)
  7. Turmeric roots (small pkt)
  8. Panchapatra / Panchamrita vessel
  9. Puja Thali 
  10. Gangajal [Holy water]
  11. Incense [Agarbatti]
  12. Haldi, Kumkum, Abir, Gulal, Astagandha powder] [Tilak/ Tika in different colors]
  13. Sandalwood Powder
  14. Akshat Rice (250 gms)
  15. Kapur [Camphor]
  16. Janeo-1 [Holy thread]
  17. Holy thread-1 roll [Raksha sutra]
  18. Deity offerings (Dry fruits) - (250 gms)
  19. Supari - 11pcs (Betel Nuts)
  20. Clove, Cardamom
  21. Dhoop batti/ Dhoop incense (1 packet)
  22. Cotton wicks
  23. Matchbox
  24. Navdhanhya 
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Yagnopavit / Janoi Package (Complete)

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